Lepidoptera is the Study Union for all students enrolled in the Informatica and Information Technology courses at Inholland University of Applied Sciences

What we do

Coding assistance

Stuck while programming? Unsure what your next Line of Code should be? With our alumni and current students, working in various parts of the industry, there’s always someone that might know the answer to your question.

Every person has their strengths and if a certain part of a project just isn’t your cup of tea, you can always ask your fellow Lepi’s to take a look at your design, database or code. Maybe they can help you upgrade your current solution or you’ll find out you came up with something ingenious yourself.


While your classes will provide you with the basic and intermediate skills you’ll need to successfully start your carreer in IT, there is so much more that a university course just cannot cover in the four years you’re enrolled. But don’t worry, we got you.

Through Lepidoptera’s network of IT professionals and companies, we try to set up the most interesting masterclasses on various subjects. Whether it’s a masterclass on modern approaches to quick mobile app development or one on rapid prototyping, you can be sure to learn some useful skills here.

Social events

Done with your homework? Through with staring at your code compile? Don’t forget to kick back every once in a while and relax. Come grab a drink with us at the university’s pub and have some fun. Don’t forget a student’s life should be a fun one.

Networking is an important skill for modern IT professionals and we’re not talking about the kind dealing with cables and Wi-Fi. Luckily Lepidoptera is always looking to help you here by setting up social events where you can connect with your fellow students and alumni.

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    Members of the Board


    Jolle Snaas



    I am Jolle. I have started studying IT in Haarlem in 2019, during the introduction week I also joined Lepidoptera. Since 2021 I have joined the board of Lepidoptera to help with organising with fun activities for students!

    I have also been a student buddy at the Studentsuccess Center. There we try to improve the wellbeing for students with activities and using the connections within the school.

    I have been into IT as long as I can remember, you can always hit me up for ‘a small side-project’ or to assist you with something else!

    Feel free to contact me at jolle.snaas@lepidoptera.nl or with an Instagram/Facebook message at the Lepidoptera account!”


    Dylan Nieuwenhuizen


    “Hi everyone,

    My name is Dylan and I’m a third year Informatica student at Inholland Haarlem and since the summer of 2021 I’ve become a part of the Lepidoptera Board.

    In my free time I enjoy making and listening to music or getting a drink at my favourite student pub, ‘t Haerlems Studenten Gildt!

    Along with the rest of the board, I try to fill every year with fun activities for all our members to enjoy.”


    Mark Dooremaal



    My name is Mark, I’m 24 years old and started at Inholland in 2019.

    IT is a big passion of mine and I’ve been running servers and websites since I was 13.

    Besides school I work parttime in my local cinema or hang out with friends.”